Pitch Stop

Pitch your idea in front of VCs and angel investors.

Why get involved?

Exhibition offers a great return on your investment and gives you a chance to achieve several goals at once. PITCH STOP provides an opportunity for you to engage with key decision makers and demonstrate your products and services. This is your chance to shine and showcase your organization and be a force in the industry.


By exhibiting you will have significant exposure prior to the event through the Pitch Stop. There is no better way to position your organization to more than 1000+ delegates throughout leaders from India's largest Blockchain Technology Summit.


If you want to improve how you are perceived in the sector and raise your profile, exhibiting at an event that appeals to this target audience is likely to shape attitudes and help generate a positive reaction. As an exhibitor at the Pitch Stop, you will have the chance to enhance your organization’s reputation as an industry supporter and demonstrate your commitment to education excellence.


Pitch Stop allows you to showcase your products and/or services and get immediate client feedback. During the summit you can promote your product and/or service to 1000+ influential decision makers and have a chance to develop relationships with new customers.

Stand out from the crowd

Exhibiting at the Pitch Stop provides a significant way to create competitor differentiation. By coming on board at the Pitch Stop, you will stand out above the rest of the market place. Creating a unique and dynamic summit space, will also ensure you stand out from the crowd within the crowd.

Maximize your time,
engage your team

The ability to showcase your product and/or service to so many influential delegates under the one roof maximizes your team’s time and effectiveness. Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Other Leading Companies. Make your voice heard at the highest level and high alongside other leading innovators.


Meeting with investors and having the enormous opportunity to present your startup in front of them and through great pitching to win funding for your company. Meeting with fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas, expand your business network, find not only business partners, but also friends and like-minded people.

your idea

When you pitch your idea to investors, you are to receive feedback – sometimes good, sometimes bad, but sometimes even ugly. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the given feedback! Pitching events are the best place to test your idea, to see how it is received by others, to recognize its weak sides and strong sides, basically to evaluate your idea.

Add value and get
Incubated by IIM-Lucknow

L-Incubator is everything you need to create an awesome startup! L- Incubator is taking this as an opportunity to create and mobilize the L- Angels network of professionals, who are interested in co-investing in the L-Incubator portfolio Startups and become friends, philosophers, and guides to our incubates.